About Us

Hello aspiring entrepreneur,

I am Bamidele Ojo, a freelance writer and an entrepreneur. I am the founder of Small Biz Resource. I am personally welcoming you to smallbizresource.org; the number one “Small Business Ideas for Beginners and Aspiring Enterpreneurs” blog on the internet.

For those who are just bumping into this blog for the first time, it is important you know that the ultimate goal of smallbizresource.org is to help you startup your dream business, and we aim to achieve this goal by empowering you with tested and proven ideas that eliminate your self doubt, fear and indecisiveness.

About smallbizresource.org
smallbizresource.org was created to provide entrepreneurs with in-depth feasibility study reports on different business ideas, cutting across several industries, sectors and interests.  We also provide kick-ass small business advice for beginners based on our personal experience and researched data.

As a final note, I want to thank you for taking the pain to visit this blog. I strongly believe that this blog will help you achieve your dream plan. I look forward to your visit again to this blog. Thanks.