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How to Start a Pressure Washing Company

A great business idea to consider is pressure washing. The supplies required to do the work are minimal. This could be an income-generating side hustle, or a full-time operation.

This guide covers everything you need, no matter if you’re a complete newbie or an experienced business owner.

Step 1. Getting Started

It is important to decide on a business structure before you can start a business. There are three possible business structures: a sole proprietorship; an LLC; or a corporation. A sole proprietorship has your own Social Security Number and a “doing business under” (DBA), business name. Legal experts advise against this structure because it could expose you to personal liability.

For personal liability reasons, most people will choose to have an LLC or corporation for their business entity. Start by doing a name look with the secretary to state’s to make sure there are no other names available that you like. Next, you’ll file paperwork with the state listing the owners of your entity, the business name and contact information.

Step 2. What you will need

For your business to be successful, you’ll need the right equipment. First, decide whether you want an electric or gas pressure washer. If you decide to use an electric pressure washer, clients will have to supply the electricity. Choose the type you want: light duty, medium-duty, or heavy duty.

Other than the pressure washer itself, these are other equipment and supplies that may be recommended.

  • Pumps
  • Nozzles
  • Chemicals
  • Surface cleaners

Do not forget about transportation. Every day you have to transport your gear from one place to another. Consider leasing a truck or a van for your work. Your company name and telephone number should be displayed on the truck for potential customers to call as you go about your daily routine.

Step 3. Pricing your Services

Before you market potential customers, you will need to determine the ratesYou need to choose whether you will go for the high or low end. It may be easier for you to get clients with lower prices but it is important to evaluate whether this is worth your effort. It is a smart idea to do some secret searching and find out how much other pressure washers in the area charge.

You should consider whether you will be charging per hour or per job when pricing your services. Be aware that if your pricing is per project, you need to know how long it will take. Try pressure washing your own craft to find out how much time it takes.

You should consider the amount of gas required to run the pressure washer. Also, the supply costs for a job. Be sure to charge enough for all the necessary supplies and still make money.

Step 4. Collecting Payments

The purpose of your business is to make money. This means that you will be able take payments to deposit funds in a bank account. For a Tax Identification Number, you will need to contact the IRS along with your LLC details. This is similar as a Social Security card, but for your organization. Once you have your company documents, it will be possible to visit the bank and open a bank accounts.

You can deposit money and checks into your bank account, but to be able to make credit card payments you will need a payment gateway. There are many payment options. The gateway fee can be up to 3%. Be sure to include this in your pricing. So that all income and expense transactions can be run from your business account, you need to connect the payment portal to the bank.

Step 5. Establish Marketing Channels

Your marketing includes everything, including word of mouth and online listings. You should get business cards that include your business name and contact details. These can be used when you go door-to-door to introduce your business. You might also consider a website to showcase some of your work along with “before” and “after” photos.

Even if a website isn’t created, it is still possible to be listed on online service listings pages like Yelp, Google business pages, and Facebook. There are many ways to get your business noticed, such as posting on Instagram Reels or TikTok. This allows you to see a dirty facade transform into something beautiful.

Get out there and tell everyone about your new company. Participating in community groups online is another way to promote your pressure washing company. Consider running some ads with an introduction special to quickly build your business. Facebook has made it simple to target homeowners on a limited budget. Then, test different ads to determine which works best. As your target audience grows, you can increase the budget.

Get Started with Your First Customer

Finding your first client is the hardest part about starting a business. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they would be willing to offer their services. These friendly contacts may not be able to help you get your first client. Instead, offer your services to others for free and ask for a testimonial. This will give you a positive online image and help you establish the high quality of your work.

Bottom Line

Starting a pressure washing company is not difficult. A vehicle lease and equipment are all you need to get started. Establish the business and establish a pricing strategy that is competitive. Next, talk to as many people as possible about your services so that you can find new clients as soon as possible.