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Handyman contractors are skilled in everything from carpentry, drywall, electrical, and in home kitchen installations. They are also like other independent business owners who strive for growth. 

Here are five great tips to help you grow your freelance contractor business. 

1. Create a team of amazing people around you. 

You can still be successful even if you don’t have a team yet. Keep your head down, work hard and be conscious of how your company is growing. 

If you have a regular workload, then you are aware of how important building a great group is. These people should be trustworthy, hardworking, and passionate about their job. If certain members of your team are not reliable, skilled employees, it might be worth speaking with them to determine if your company is the right place for them. 

Remember: Lead your team, and your business. 

2. Define your field of expertise. 

You cannot be everything to everyone in every business. Limit your focus, identify your areas of expertise, and communicate what you are good in and what is not. Sometimes new business doesn’t make for the best business. For you to continue growing your business successfully, any new clients or accounts that you open must be financially viable. For example, if you are good at electrical work, it is not necessary to waste time on carpentry jobs that might not be as profitable. 

You can narrow your focus to do more of the things that you are best at. 

3. Be flexible but don’t hesitate to subcontract if you need. 

Only you can know what your abilities are and only you can decide what subcontracting is best. There’s no shame in working with an electrician to finish your kitchen. You can get more jobs by creating and nurturing partnerships like this. 

There is no shame in outsourcing work. In fact, some people have made it a regular practice. 

4. Get your customers’ confidence with a surety bond. 

It is easy to overlook the risk involved in owning an independent contractor business. However, it is also important to remember that your customers may be at risk if they are faced with the high cost of large-scale construction projects. A Surety bond You can make your customers feel confident by giving them assurance that the project will be completed. Bonding with a Surety Provider may help to protect your company from the valleys and peaks of running a business. 

5. Make it easy to spread the word 

A contractor may not be an expert marketer, but that’s okay. These are some cheap and easy ways to spread the word about your independent contractor company. 

  • Utilise social media 
    Use your personality on social media to help your business. There are many free Social Media courses online if you are not skilled at this. 
  • Advertising in your local area 
    Even though newspapers still have a place in our lives, let’s look beyond them. Think of local magazines, churches flyers, and ball parks. There are lots of advertising spots in your local area. You don’t have to go beyond the newspaper. 
  • Networking 
    It doesn’t take much to make friends with people and have a good time, but being more visible and participating in community events can help your business grow. Consider attending professional networking events in economic centres or chambers, where the first question is always “So how do you make a living?”. 
  • Set up a referral program 
    You’re now ready to make customers happy and turn them into business supporters. You need to first define the goals of your program. Then, think about how you can refer people. While this might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be complicated.