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8 types of windows you should consider for your home

Windows provide us with a beautiful view, but also offer so much more. Various window styles come with different pros and cons. There are many considerations to make when choosing the right window style.

It is well known that natural lighting can help sell a house. Therefore, making the right choice for your windows will pay off. You can choose windows for new construction or renovation that will meet your requirements in terms of lighting, cost, and functionality .

Casement Windows

Like a door, they are hinged and swing open. This type of window is weatherproof due to the seal that surrounds it. Airflow can be increased by using the swinging function.

When choosing your casement window, it’s important to take into consideration the overall design of the home. This will ensure that all the windows are matched up with the walls and each other. You should be careful if your cooling system relies on air conditioners installed in windows.


  • It is easy to open.
  • A weathertight seal that’s also energy-efficient
  • Promote great airflow


  • Some mechanical parts can wear or break
  • Opening in some weather elements can cause damage
  • The window unit air conditioner is not compatible

Double-Hung or Single-Hung Windows

Most common is the single or double-hung style window. It slides up and down on a vertical track. Double- or single hung windows won’t bump into anything, including each other and the exterior of your home.

This classic style of window offers good ventilation. Cleaning is easy and it’s easy to replace. When properly maintained, these windows can be difficult to open because they operate against gravity.


  • Offer great ventilation
  • Widespread retail offerings
  • Cost-effective


  • May develop slipping problems
  • It requires greater physical effort to close or open
  • Seal is not weather-tight

Picture Windows

Picture windows don’t block out the outside view, and can have a big wow-factor. But are not able to provide airflow. It is easy to clean these windows because they do not open.

During cooler months the heat inside your home could escape, while in summer the sun streaming through a picture window will overheat it.


  • Enjoy a clear view
  • They cost less than mechanical windows.
  • Weathertight seal


  • Difficult to clean
  • Can be an energy drain
  • No airflow

Bay Windows

The bay window can also be used as a shelf. Each bay window is angled. Similar to bow windows, they have a curved design without any angles.

Bay windows can be arranged in a variety of ways. In the typical arrangement, the middle window will usually be a fixed picture, while either the single or double-hung flanking windows could also have casement.


  • Highly interesting architecturally
  • Permit a good deal of natural light


  • Expensive
  • Needs skilled installation
  • Blocks walkways and exterior space

Sliding Windows

Like sliding glass doors, air can flow freely and there is a good amount of sealing.

Often, basement egress window sliders lack sophistication in places that are more concerned with curb appeal.


  • One of the most affordable windows to install
  • You have many design choices
  • It is easy to operate, durable and long lasting


  • May stick over time
  • Cleaning the outside can be challenging
  • Centre frame blocking views

Awning Windows

Their name comes from the protective awning they create when fully opened. If you prefer to have your windows opened during rain, these are the best options for you. The awning window is attached to a picture or other type of window with hinges in the upper part.

As opposed to casement window, which opens along a plane vertically, awning windows operate from the frame’s top. Easy to operate, it creates an effective seal even when the window is not open. The vents are designed to allow air to flow freely when open.


  • Can remain open during rainfall
  • Secure and tight airtight
  • It is easy to open.


  • Some mechanical parts can wear out or break
  • If exposed in open elements, the seal is prone to damage
  • The obstructing of exterior spaces

Decorative Glass Windows

Static decorative windows can be found in stained glass, glass blocks and other styles. Their purpose can be dual: to provide a good design feature and some privacy. For this reason, you will often find them near entrances or bathrooms.


  • Offering light and privacy
  • Can enhance historic homes
  • Weather-tight


  • The outside is hidden
  • You may feel that they look dated


Incorporated into roofs, skylights offer a fantastic way to bring natural light inside. Skylights may be fixed or vented. 

While you should not expect the skylights to be fully open, even just a little venting is enough to bring some air into a room.


  • Bring natural light into dark spaces or interior spaces
  • Interior solar heating is possible.
  • Beautifully appealing


  • Damage from other elements and hail is possible
  • It’s a struggle to keep clean
  • It can be difficult to open.