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7 Home Improvement Careers 

Do you love home improvement? love to spend hours on your home, learning the latest DIY techniques? Are you always learning and improving your skills?. Consider making a career out what you love doing. 

There are thousands of people who work in the home renovation industry. You could be part of the growing industry. We’ve put together 7 career options that are popular and might work for you. 

1. Contractor 

This is one profession that is growing fast. As a general contractor you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a building site or project. You ensure information flows smoothly between vendors, workers, and clients. 

2. Interior Designer 

This is a great job for anyone with an eye for design. You can combine a variety of aesthetic elements to create a look in homes. As an interior designer, your role is to create the right atmosphere in each room. You must know how to mix and match styles depending on the owner’s vision. 

3. Sales Representative 

While this type of job involves less direct labour, it’s still a fantastic way to get involved with home improvement. This is a great place to start if you have some marketing skills. You can sell directly to consumers or other businesses searching for products. 

4. Carpenter 

This is a very traditional profession in home improvement. This job is for you if you enjoy working with wood and building things. For a variety of projects, you can be hired as an experienced carpenter.  

5. Carpet Installer 

You can become a carpet installer and receive consistent work. New carpeting is needed for their homes, offices, or businesses. On-the-job training is often the best way to learn how carpets are installed. The skills will be a great addition for your home improvement resume. 

6. Plumber 

Plumbing is a valuable skill. A professional plumber is one of the most well-paid professions. 

A plumber can be hired to do specific plumbing work or provide emergency services. Both of these options are great opportunities to make money in the field. Plumbers must go through extensive training. 

7. Electrician 

This is another career that is highly needed in home improvement. It is essential that you are an electrician who knows what they are doing. Low quality work can lead to electrical problems. 

In order to become an electrical contractor, you might need to complete extensive training. You can start by attending a trade school or apprenticeship. 

If you’re able to find the time and skills necessary to make any of these careers a success, then give it a chance! You will love what you do each day. You’ll be able create or build something new for someone you know.